Althing Eriú

Viking style embroidery The seas are calm as summer sets in and the Shire of Eplaheimr invites you to venture up the Sionnain to Lough Rí and join your friends and neighbours at the Althing! This is the premier Viking event in Ireland, honouring our Norse ancestors. This year we welcome Drachenwald's, Princess of Nordmark, Furstinna Agnes Odgyd.


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When, what and Where

Please join us at Portlick Scout Camp, Glasson, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, 20-22nd July for a relaxed weekend of:

  • Yoga in the morning by the Lake of the King
  • Holmgang tournament
  • Thrown weapons tournament
  • For the arts:
    • Posament making will be taught by Furstinna Agnes Odgyd.
    • The warp weighted loom will be set up and available for weaving
    • Pewter casting by Órlaith Chaomhanach
  • Norse games:
    • Beat the robber around the bench
    • Kubbe
    • Bardic

Skalds bring your songs to be sung and stories told across the Althing fire. Oaths will be made! There is room for all, and ALL are welcome! This is a camping event. Medieval and mundane tents are expected. If you need assistance for crash space in a tent please indicate at booking. Activities Costs

  • Weaving Free
  • Pewter casting €12.00 (covers cost of supplies)
  • Posament making Free (additional supplies available at cost (€2/metre))


Indicate meals you wish to buy in to when registering. Saturday evening meal will be a potluck with Viking/Norse/Celtic dishes encouraged. There is a full kitchen facility on site. There will be a Fika on Saturday afternoon! Fika is a traditional social coffee time with friends! Please bring some biscuits, cookies, cakes, sweets, treats as a contribution.

Note that the site is “dry.” There will be two other scout groups on the site this weekend in separate areas.


Site Fees
Student (20% discount)€12.00
Youth 13-16 years€10.00
Children 6-12 years€5.00
Children 0-5 yearsFree
Daytripper - adults€10.00
Daytripper - 6-16 years€2.00

Meals (pre-ordered at registration):
Friday Traveler fare €2.00
Breakfast (adult/youth)€3.00/day
Breakfast (child 0-12 years)€1.50/day
Lunch (adult/youth)€3.00/day
Lunch (child 0-12 years)€1.50/day
Dinner (adult/youth) Potluck contribution (6-8 people)
Dinner (child 0-12 years)Bread contribution

Event Staff

Event Steward: Rogned Steingrimovna
Marshal in charge: Unegen
Reservations steward: Emeline of Corofin