Joining In


Do I need to be a member? Can I try it out first?

First things first you dont need to be an official member of the Society to come along to events. Joining us for an event or practice is actually very easy, simply show up to a meeting, fighter practice or event and dont worry, well make sure you get to hear all about us and try lots of things out.   If you prefer a more formal approach, contact the Chatelaine (, its their job to look after newcomers, so theyll give you the information you need to get started. You can get involved as much or as little as you chose, everything is run and attended by volunteers.




Can children come along?

Of course! We currently have members in the full range of ages, from small kids, teens, college students all the way through to those who may be celebrating their 21st for more years than they care to remember.  All we ask is that children be accompanied by a responsible adult, and to be aware that there are waiver forms for parents/gurdians to sign at events and practices for children.

What do between events or practices? Keeping in touch with mailing lists and on Facebook!

Not everyone can make every class, and events by necessity have to have some time lapse before the next one, so how can you keep up with the group, get inspiration or show off your latest new shiny thing?  

facebookEplaheimr and Kingeslake both have very active communities on Facebook:

1) The formal Eplaheimr page for announcements and notices

2) The Shire of Eplaheimr Group - you will need to request to join this group - this is where members chat, swap pictures and stories and keep in touch.

 3) The College of Kingeslake page on Facebook - for pictures, news and event announcements


Yahoo mailing lists (for announcements)

Kings Lake:

I've been attending practices and events for a while now, how do I sign up for membership?

Great! Were delighted to have you.  Membership is required for anyone who is in office, intending to run for office or organise an event.   Paid membership is now organised though the SCA UK CIC scheme for UK and Ireland click here.

Are there meetings?

Yes we have Shire meetings to discuss shire business, plan events and practices. We split the meetings around the Shire  Please refer to our calendar for more details.